Module 6 – Knowledge required to develop TPACK

My review of Alan November’s website resources, including the quizzes, ( confirmed that I need to work hard to build my technological knowledge. I am familiar with Microsoft Works software suite but need to develop knowledge of a wide range of technologies and websites.

November’s website provided a number of new insights. November suggests that students should be instructed to verify website publishers using (, November illustrates the issue with an example of a seemingly useful website for research, www.martinlutherkingrg. This is one of the top five results for searching Martin Luther King using Google, but on further investigation the site is published by a White Supremacist organisation and contains racist material. November also suggests that students be instructed to review the external links of a website ( November contends that a review of  external links is important to validate site content.

The Google Chrome resource “20 things I learned about the browser and the web” ( very helpful. I have often worried about security when using the internet and therefore found the information about privacy and security particularly helpful. During the Christmas and New Year holiday I have been speaking to my 18 and 19 year old daughters about the range of websites, software and applications that they have used. We explored some websites summarising web tools such as “free web tools students and teachers should know about” ( and also discussed the approach and learning resources developed by my elder daughter’s inspirational science teacher.

I have been exploring a range of resources to develop my knowledge. In this respect I have found the following resources useful: the glossary of Roblyer & Doering (2014) is a good place to start in terms of learning the language of technology; Roblyer & Doering (2014) is otherwise a valuable learning resource; ( provides a free range of tutorial videos about technology; and YouTube ( is also useful for finding a wide range of tutorial videos about technology.

My approach will be to adopt a positive and experimental approach to integrate technology and thus become increasingly technologically knowledgeable.


Roblyer, M. & Doering, A.H. (2014). Integrating education technology into teaching: Sixth Edition. Essex, UK: Pearson Education.


Author: simonromijn

Science Teacher

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