Module 5 – Technology Integration Planning (TIP Model)

“The TIP Model gives teachers a general approach to identifying and addressing the challenges of integrating technology into teaching (Roblyer & Doering, 2014, p. 66)”. It provides a methodical three-dimesional framework to plan, implement and assess the integration of technology within the broader task of lesson programming and planning. In the planning phase the TIP Model integrates TPACK content, pedagogical and technological knowledge issues (Koehler and Mishra, 2005). I agree with Okojie, Olinzock and Okojie-Boulder (2006) that lesson planning is a complex multifaceted task and therefore see the TIP Model as a helpful checklist when planning rather than a stand-alone planning model. Roblyer and Doering (pp.66-77).provide a helpful checklist in this respect: remedy identified weaknesses or skills by, for example, using drill-and-practice software, promote skills fluency and automaticy, support self-paced learning and reviews of concepts, foster creative problem solving and metacognition, build mental models and increase knowledge transfer,  foster collaboration, allow for multiple and distributed intelligences, foster motivation, optimise scarce resources, remove logistical hurdles to learning such as boring and repetitive tasks, and develop information and visual literacies.


Koehler, M., & Mishra, P. (2005). What happens when teachers design educational technology? The development of technological pedagogical and content knowledge. Journal of Educational Computing Science, Vol 32(2), pp. 131-152. Retrieved December 31st, 2016 from CSU Library.

Okojie, M., Olinzock, A., and Okojie-Boulder, T. (2006). The Pedagogy of Technology Integration, Journal of Technology Studies, Vol. 32(2), pp. 66-71. Retrieved December 20th, 2016 from

Roblyer, M. & Doering, A.H. (2014). Integrating education technology into teaching: Sixth Edition. Essex, UK: Pearson Education.


Author: simonromijn

Science Teacher

4 thoughts on “Module 5 – Technology Integration Planning (TIP Model)”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Are you talking about immigrant teachers coming from technologically poor nations or are you refering to digital immigrants who are having to learn new technologies? It isn’t quite clear which point you are making.


  2. Hi Helen

    Sorry, the problem is probably at my end. I am located in China and Google and its products are blocked here. Pebble is a Google product by the looks and I am therefore assuming that Pebble blogs its blocked without the use of a VPN. I can’t tell you how slow the internet is here with the authorities slowing traffic to make sure that everything is kosher and working without Google is a major handicap doing this subject.

    Best wishes,



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