Module 4 – Theory/pedagogical view and the place of technology in education

We are asked to address the place of technology in education. One might begin by asking the purpose and nature of education itself in the 21st century?  Morin (1999 as cited in Siemens an Tittenberger, 2009) describes the traditional aim of education as “to arm every single person for the vital combat for lucidity.” Siemens & Tittenberger (2009) propose a transition in education in the 21st century from epistemology (a focus on the process, meaning and limits of knowledge) to ontology (a focus on the existence and interrelationships of objects) and suggest that media and technology need to develop learners able to participate in the complex environments that they experience. This transition proposed  by Siemens & Tittenberger does not challenge the purpose of education but challenges the nature of education. Educators must reconsider their role as purveyors of knowledge and focus on helping students navigate the ‘connected’ world they live in (Siemens, 2005). Technology therefore does not so much have a place in education but substantially defines the environment and context in which education takes place in the 21st century. “Kids don’t see laptops, MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, DVD players, and video games as technology, it’s just life. Schools need to connect education to their students’ lives with technology. (Barone & Wright, 2008/2009).”


Barone, D., & Wright, T. (2008/2009). Literacy Instruction with Digital and Media Technologies. The Reading Teacher: Newark, 62.4, pp.292-303. Retrieved  January 20th, 2017 from CSU Library

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Siemens, G., & Tittenberger, P. (2009, March). Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning.  Retrieved November 20th, 2016 from


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