Module 3 – Edmodo – Learning Management System


Edmodo ( is a learning management system, alternatively described as a virtual learning environment, that facilitates communication and sharing between teachers and students (Aranguiz & Quintana, 2016). Edmodo was founded in 2008. It is free and accessible using computers, tablets and mobile devices. Students do not need an email account to open an Edmodo account.

Aranguiz & Quintana (2016) list Edmodo’s functionality as follows: create private groups managed by teachers and accessible by students and parents; provide a space for communication through messages and alerts; share multimedia resources; incorporate the content of blogs; create and send surveys to students; assign tasks to students and manage their marks; managing a class calendar; create communities which bring together teachers and pupils in a school; provide access to parents to groups that are assigned to their children, allowing them to be informed about the activities children do, and to be able to communicate with teachers; grant badges to students as rewards for their participation in the group; manage the files and resources shared through the library; create subgroups to facilitate management of workgroups; integration of Google Drive contents in the library; and preview the documents in the library. Edmodo also creates and sends quizzes to students and can be used to access a range of free and paid-for learning apps used in  the Edmodo environment.

Drawing from Bower’s (2008) e-learning classification methodology the table below outlines affordances available using Edmodo.

Affordances Static/Instructive Collaborative/productive
Media Read and view messages, surveys, links and quizzes

Watch videos

Write text messages, surveys, links and quizzes
Spatial Move files into and out of library  
Temporal Accessible with an internet connection using computers, tablet and mobile devices  
Navigational Browse between overall and group spaces

Browse connected apps

Browse file library

Link websites
Emphasis Highlights messages  
Synthesis Combine and integrate questions to create quizzes  
Access   Share access to group

Moderate sharing activity


Aranguiz, M., & Quintana, M. (2016). ICT Resources to Improve Learning in Higher Education. International Journal of Knowledge Society Research (IJKSR), 7(4), 1-11. doi:10.4018/IJKSR.2016100101 Retrieved January 20th, 2017 from CSU Library

Bower, M. (2008). Affordance analysis—matching learning tasks with learning technologies. Educational Media International, 45, 1, 3–15. Retrieved December 1st, 2016 from CSU Learning Resources.



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