Module 2 – Dealing with varied digital skills and experience

I am definitely a digital immigrant drawing from Prensky’s (2001) simple dichotomy of digital users as digital immigrants and digital natives. It is a struggle to stay abreast of rapidly evolving digital landscape but I am working hard to increase my knowledge to support student learning. In this respect ESC 407 is one of the most useful subjects I have undertaken. The question of dealing with a variety of attitudes and experiences to technology is similar to other issues involving a variety of attitudes and experiences. In terms of pedagogy we need to make our classes safe and inclusive. We must therefore expect a variety of attitudes and experiences in any classroom and develop strategies to deal with them. In respect to technology I observe that students actively learn from each other and thus classically illustrate Vygotskian social constructivism (Marsh, 2010). I also find it useful to ask technologically advanced students for help. They thus feel empowered and develop a sense of ownership of whole-of-class learning using technology.


Marsh, C. (2010). Becoming a Teacher: Knowledge, Skills and Issues (5th ed.). Frenchs Forest NSW: Pearson Australia.

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital natives, digital immigrants. On the Horizon, 9(5), 1-6.


Author: simonromijn

Science Teacher

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